Debi Cox

I trained as a Nia fitness teacher in 2017 after finally finding an exercise that I enjoyed!!! This began my interest in diet in conjunction with exercise. I had historically been on many weight loss diets….. I would lose weight only to put it all back on again and often I would become heavier than I was at the beginning. I observed some friends embark on a Low Carbohydrate/ High healthy fat way of eating (LCHF) and was quite frankly stunned by the results. In early 2018 (you know “New Year / new me resolutions!!) I began eating the LCHF way and very quickly discovered that I was losing weight, changing shape, I had improved mental clarity, didn’t feel tired all the time, and slept better all whilst eating delicious food!!!! In January 2020 made the decision that I wanted to share what I had discovered and began training with the Noakes Foundation (Prof Tim Noakes) as a LCHF Adviser and then going on to complete my Professional and Diabetes Reversal Training. I get great job satisfaction knowing that it can make a huge difference to someone’s long term wellbeing.