Diabetes / Obesity

If you experience any of the following symptoms

More fat around your belly than you’d like?

Brain Fog, sleep problems, fatigue?

Type 2 Diabetes?

High Blood Pressure?

A family history of heart disease?

High levels of blood triglycerides?

Retain water easily?

Patches of darker-coloured skin, little bumps of skin (skin tags) at your neck, armpit or other areas?

Have a family member with Insulin resistance or Type 2 diabetes?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (women) or erectile dysfunction (men)

Diet and lifestyle

We are a GP led evidence-based solution, offering a Multi-Disciplinary Team approach, which consists of, but is not exclusive to, nutritionists and health coaches.

We can offer an individual discussion appointment either Face to face or virtual via zoom link. See below.

In our 6 week course, the first week we will take baseline measurements, including weight, waist measurement, height, body fat, body muscle and blood pressure. We will also discuss why you have attended and your goals both short and long term, which will then form the basis of the money-back guarantee.

Not in any particular order but very much guided by the group or individual, over the 6-week course we will cover:

  • Dietary guidelines – what is a healthy diet, how to lose weight without counting calories and not feeling hungry.
  • Processed foods
  • The hormonal basis for obesity
  • Hunger hormones
  • Insulin production and weight gain
  • What drives insulin levels
  • Cholesterol and lipids – discussing healthy and unhealthy fats
  • Fatty liver disease and surprisingly what foods you should avoid/eat
  • Reducing the risks of ‘bad things happening
  • Medications and how improving your weight and lifestyle can lead to a reduction in medication requirements (we do NOT prescribe, promote or sell any products)
  • The evidence base/science behind our approach
  • Any other topics that arise during the discussions.

We Offer

£600 for an individual course

£250 per person for a group of up to 6